How Interstate Driving Can Affect Commercial Truck Tires

Maybe you have experience driving a moving truck or small delivery van, but there’s a lot to learn before you can step up to the big leagues and start earning real cash as a professional truck driver. Fortunately, there are truck driving schools in Tucson that can provide you with all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a commercial driver in the U.S. In addition to learning the basic driving skills needed to pass the CDL exam, the instructors at professional truck driving schools can also teach you things that might take you months or years to learn on your own in the field. For example, how can interstate driving affect a truck’s tires?

Elevated Speed Limits and Tire Safety

One of the biggest safety concerns for truck drivers is the elevated speed limit on America’s interstates. There is legitimate concern that high speeds can create safety issues for truck tires, as figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that between 2009 and 2013 tires were a factor in almost 200 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks and buses that resulted in 223 deaths.

Proper Inflation for Interstate Driving

The real issue is not speed but proper tire inflation. With few exceptions, almost all North American highway truck tires are rated for 75 miles per hour. As long as truck drivers maintain the proper air pressure in their tires and don’t exceed 75 mph, there should be tire issues resulting from interstate driving speeds.

General Tire Maintenance

Another factor for commercial truck tires is general tire maintenance and care. Within the trucking industry, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to tire maintenance. Drivers are encouraged to check their tires before and after every trip, and to make sure that each tire is properly inflated and free of cracking, bulging, splitting, or any other visual damage.

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