Questions to Ask Your Trucking Employer

When you graduate from a recognized truck driving school in Tucson and obtain your Class A CDL, you’ll be a highly desirable candidate for some of the best driving positions with the top companies in Arizona. To make sure you get what you deserve and end up with a trucking company that will foster your professional growth as a driver, try to be selective about the trucking company you choose to take a job with. Here are some questions to ask potential employers to find the best fit.



  • Do you pay practical or shortest miles? In other words, does the company pay for actual miles driven or based on the shortest determined route? The difference between these pay structures can amount to 5% or more per trip depending on the region and specific route, so make sure you know how you’ll be paid for your services.
  • What is your “home time” policy? Most companies have defined home time policies, which outline the general expectation about how many days a driver is off the clock and off the road before being routed again. This will help you choose a trucking company that meets your family’s needs and expectations.
  • How old are your trucks? Newer trucks are generally more reliable and have greater driver comfort and safety features. If the choice comes down to two or more trucking companies, it’s generally recommended to go with the company that has a newer fleet of trucks (all other things considered equal).

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