A student not accepted by the School will receive a full refund. A student may cancel enrollment any time before the start of class by sending a written Notice of Cancellation to the School. If cancellation is effective within three days of the execution of the Enrollment Agreement and before the start of classes, the student shall receive a full refund. Cancellation shall be effective as of the date of mailing. If cancellation is effective more than three days after execution of the Enrollment Agreement and before the start of class, the student shall receive a refund of all money paid, less
any deduction for fees of services provided, and books received but not returned in reusablecondition. Refunds are made within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Cancellation.

Students who have not visited the institute facility prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to withdraw without penalty within three days following either attendance at a regularly scheduled orientation or following a tour of the institute facilities and inspection of equipment.


Students may be dismissed for violation of any of the following: a. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress. b. Failure to comply with the school’s attendance policy.             c. Violation of any of the conditions set forth in the signed Enrollment Agreement.


If a student withdraws after the period allowed for cancellation of the agreement as stated above or is terminated by the school for violation of any of the above, but within the first 60% of the program, tuition refunds will be based on program costs using the pro-rata refund policy. After 60% of program completion, there is no refund. A $100 administrative fee and other fees used will not be refunded.

Pro-Rata Refund Policy:

The institute will perform a pro-rata refund for students who are attending HDS Truck Driving Institute and terminate their training before completing more than 60% of their enrollment. Refunds are calculated using the program tuition only. Refunds are calculated by dividing the total number of scheduled clock hours comprising the period of enrollment for which the student has been charged into the number of scheduled clock hours remaining to be completed by that student in that period as of the last recorded day of attendance by the student.

Any monies due the student shall be refunded within 60 days from the last date of student attendance or within 60 days from the date of receipt of payment in the event that the date of such receipt is after the student’s last date of attendance.



Refunds are calculated based on the portion of the course completed. The date from which refunds are calculated is the student’s last date of attendance. Refunds are made within 45 days of the determination of withdrawal.


The portion of the federal grants and loans that a student is entitled to receive is calculated on a percentage basis by comparing the total number of calendar days in the period of enrollment to the number of calendar days that the student was expected to complete as of the last date of attendance. For example, if a student is expected to complete 30% of the period of enrollment, then 30% of the approved federal aid that was disbursed or could have been disbursed for the period of enrollment would be earned. This means that 70% of the student’s aid that was disbursed or could have been disbursed remains unearned and must be returned to the Federal Title IV programs.

After the 60% point of the period of enrollment, a student has earned 100% of the Title IV funds disbursed or that could have been disbursed for the period of enrollment. This policy governs the earned and unearned portions of the student’s Federal Title IV financial aid only and determines how much, if any, the student and/or the training facility may need to return. If it is determined that a portion of the financial aid received on the student’s behalf is unearned, the training facility has the responsibility of returning those funds to the Federal Title IV programs within 45 days of the date of determination of withdrawal. Unearned funds are returned in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Direct Stafford loan
  • Subsidized Direct Stafford loan
  • Direct PLUS loan
  • Federal Pell Grant

Any student eligible for a Post‐withdrawal disbursement of loan funds is offered those funds within 30 days of the date of determination and notified if an overpayment is due. The
calculation of Title IV funds earned by the student has no relationship to the student’s incurred institutional charges. The Institutional Refund Policy is outlined above and will be used to determine the reduction, if any, in the student’s charges. The student is responsible for paying any outstanding charges to the training facility.

The institution returns Title IV funds to the programs from which the student received aid during the period of enrollment, in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Direct Federal Loans
  • Subsidized Direct Federal Loans
  • Direct PLUS Loans
  • Federal Pell Grants for which a return of funds is required

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