Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Truck

Thinking about enrolling in truck driving school and then starting your own trucking business? It only takes a Class A CDL and a semi-truck to have a viable shipping company, and as an owner/operator you’ll enjoy all the perks that come with being your own boss. But with so many different commercial trucks to choose from, how do you know which one is the best fit for your professional driving plans? Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a commercial truck after completing truck driving school and earning your Class A CDL.

Local or Long-Distance

Before you do anything else, determine the type of driving operation you plan to have. As an owner/operator, will you focus on local deliveries or long-distance hauling? This will help you determine the best type of commercial truck for the type of driving you plan to do as an independent truck driver.

New or Used Truck

You’ll also need to decide whether you want to buy a new or used commercial truck. One of the biggest determining factors is your budget. New commercial trucks can cost considerably more than used ones, but they are also much nicer and are often more reliable since they have practically no hard miles on the engine and transmission. However, you might also be able to afford more truck for the same price by going with a pre-owned commercial truck.

Buy or Lease

Another consideration is whether you want to lease a commercial truck or buy it outright. Depending on your financial situation and your short- and long-term trucking plans, you’ll need to decide whether purchasing or leasing a commercial truck makes more sense. Although you don’t technically own a leased truck, you might be able to get into a newer and nicer truck that way and might also have the option of trading in for a newer truck every couple of years.

The instructors at HDS Truck Driving Institute are former drivers with decades of combined experience, and they can give you insights and pointers that will help you as you prepare to become an owner/operator. To learn more about our truck driving school in Tucson, contact us online or give us a call toll-free at (877) 205-2141.

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