A Look at Modern Transportation Trends

A Look at Modern Transportation Trends that Are Influencing the Need for Truckers

The trucking industry has changed considerably over the last several decades, and still more changes are on the way. If you’re planning to become a commercial truck driver, you should be aware of how these changes may affect your career. These are some of the major trends in transportation that are affecting the demand for professional truckers.

The adoption of electronic logging devices

In 2018, a mandate requiring all truckers to use electronic logging devices (ELD) to record their time spent driving went into effect. By effectively limiting the amount of time that truckers can spend on the road, the mandate has made it harder for trucking companies to squeeze as much work out of their existing truckers as they once did. As a result, demand for new truckers remains high.

The rise of e-commerce

With more and more people choosing to make purchases over the internet, the way that products are delivered to customers is changing. Products that would once have been delivered by trucks are now being delivered via less-than-truckload (LTL) freight, which means that there is now a higher demand for qualified LTL truck drivers.

The obstacles to self-driving trucks

Despite all the talk about self-driving technology, resistance to use of self-driving trucks remains high both inside and outside the industry. Self-driving technology is not yet advanced enough to allow for safe highway driving by autonomous trucks, and it is not clear who would be liable for damages in the event of an accident. Thus, self-driving technology has yet to have a notable impact on the trucking industry.

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