Winter Trucking: What You Need to Prepare For

If you are planning to become a commercial truck driver, one of the major challenges you’re likely to face is learning to drive under difficult road conditions. In particular, you need to get ready for winter driving. This is an essential skill to learn, as you’ll need to adjust the way you drive in order to protect yourself and your vehicle from harm. If you’ve never tried to drive a truck during the cold weather season, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Reduce your speed

The single most important thing you can do when driving in winter weather is to slow down. Many wintertime accidents are caused by drivers who don’t adjust their speed to compensate for slick, icy roads. Keep a safe distance from other drivers, and don’t follow anyone too closely. Make sure to leave as early as possible on delivery trips so that you won’t have to hurry to meet your schedule.

Keep your truck ice-free

When you stop your truck, make sure that your trailer and tractor lights are free of ice and snow. If these lights become iced over or otherwise covered up, it means that other drivers will have difficulty seeing you—which means that you’re at higher risk of an accident. If your lights aren’t visible on the road, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so, so that you can resolve the issue.

When in doubt, don’t drive

A good truck driver eventually develops a knack for telling when it is simply not safe to drive. If the weather becomes so bad that you can’t see the road, or if the roads are so slick that you can’t safely drive on them, then it’s time to find a safe place to stop. If possible, look at the weather report and try to avoid roads that are experiencing particularly bad conditions.

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