Tips for Staying Alert During Long-Haul Trips

Long stretches of open road and unstable sleep schedules can often combine to make truck drivers feel sleepy behind the wheel. However, driving a truck requires your full attention, for your own safety and the safety of everyone on the road. How can you avoid being lulled into a state of drowsiness when the road is long and monotonous? These tips will help you stay alert.

Make Sleep a Priority

With the pressure of delivery deadlines, it can be easy to compromise on sleep. However, missing even a few hours of sleep can significantly impair your concentration. Several nights in a row of lost sleep can add up to a major sleep deficit that can make it dangerous for you to drive. Being well rested is the most powerful weapon you have in the fight against long-haul driving boredom and distractions. If you are having a difficult time getting the sleep you need, discuss your schedule with your dispatch and make adjustments that allow you to rest as needed.

Change Up Your Music

Listening to the same music on rotation will compound the monotony of highway driving. Keep things interesting by changing up your listening habits. Dabble in a new genre, check out a book on tape, or listen to a podcast. Some truck drivers use the time on the road to learn a new language with language tapes. Giving yourself something new to listen to will keep your brain engaged so you stay more alert.

Take a Break

If you feel yourself becoming too tired or distracted, pull over. Sometimes, a quick walk around a rest area or a catnap in the cab is all you need to feel refreshed. Recognize when it’s time to stop fighting the pull of fatigue and give in to the need for a break.

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