Answering New Drivers’ Questions about Staying Healthy on the Road

Many new truck drivers plan meticulously for things like routing, keeping in touch with loved ones, and managing their paychecks, but they overlook another important part of trucking life: Staying healthy on the road. When you’re on the go and eating out of truck stops and fast-food restaurants, your health can quickly head south if you don’t make it a priority. The answers to these common questions from new truckers about staying healthy while working will help you make smart lifestyle choices on the road.

Is it really possible to eat healthy from truck stops?

Many truck stops have significantly expanded their selection of healthy items. Check the refrigerated section for cheese sticks, boiled eggs, bags of veggies, and pre-washed fruit. You can also likely find fruit near the counter, including apples and bananas, that are easy to grab and go. If you’re eating at the truck stop restaurant, opt for salads and grilled meats rather than burgers and fries. Drink plenty of water. Consider getting a small refrigerator for your truck and keep it stocked with healthy items for snacking while driving.

What should I do if I get sick on the road?

The first thing you should do if you get sick is pull over someplace safe. If you think you’re experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. If not, call your dispatch and let them know what is going on. Take the time you need to rest, even if it means rescheduling some of your deliveries. Your dispatch can help you make the necessary arrangements.

Are there any places to exercise on the road?

Truck drivers can benefit from taking advantage of portable exercise options, such as weights and folding bikes. Many truckers only need a pair of running shoes to get some exercise. Bike or jog around the truck stop or rest area. Some rest areas have trails that are perfect for getting some activity. Make sure you do something daily to counteract the effects of sitting for such long stretches of time.

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