What to Expect When You Interview for a Truck Driving Job

After you complete your truck driver training in CDL school, the next step in starting your career is landing an interview for a job. Many new drivers are unsure what to expect during a trucking job interview, since so much of the work is done independently. Here is a look at some common questions asked during these interviews, so you can be prepared to impress the company and close the deal on your first job.

Why did you decide to become a truck driver?
This question is an important one for many companies, because they want to be sure that you’re ready for life on the road. If you decided to become a driver simply for a paycheck, then you may burn out quickly when you’re faced with being away from your family or driving for long stretches. Talking about your love of driving, enthusiasm for the industry, and excitement about seeing the country will show the company that you chose truck driver training carefully.

How would you handle a breakdown or other unexpected difficulty?
Even with the most careful planning, life out on the road can be unpredictable. The company wants to know if you have strategies and coping skills for adapting when things don’t go as expected. It could be helpful to talk about the way you’ve dealt with issues that have arisen on past jobs or talk about some of the training or planning you’ve done to handle unexpected problems on the road.

What are your career goals?
With this question, the company is trying to gauge the kind of role you want to have in the trucking industry. Your answer will tell them what motivates you and how ambitious you are about building your career and moving beyond entry-level positions.

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