Is Team Driving Right for You?

If the idea of long stretches of time alone out on the road doesn’t sound great to you, then team driving could be a good fit. Team truck drivers work together, splitting the driving duties so that they can carry more loads without constantly working alone. Although some people go to truck driving school with the intention of being part of a driving team, others hate the idea of being a team driver. Which is the right fit for you? Team trucking could be the best choice for you in these circumstances.

You don’t want to work alone.
Truck driving can be a solitary pursuit, and the alone time is trying for some people. If you are someone who craves company and can’t imagine working independently for days at a time, being part of a trucking teams means that you’ll never be alone on the road. Your fellow driver will always be in the cab with you to share stories, help you navigate, and simply be present when you’re out on long hauls.

You want to work with your spouse.
Many trucking teams consist of spouses who decide they want to travel and work together. Working with your spouse alleviates the part of the trucking that requires drivers to be away from their significant others for extended periods, and gives couples the chance to explore the country together. Since spouses can pool income and expenses, they can also potentially make more than other drivers.

You want to make faster deliveries.
Being able to deliver products faster can sometimes help you get jobs over other drivers. When you drive as a team, you double the number of hours you can drive per day by having one driver sleep while the other drives. This lets you cover ground much faster and get deliveries to where they need to be quickly.

Whether you envision a career as a solo driver or part of a team, HDS Truck Driving Institute will get your ready for life on the road. Our truck driving school in Tucson is accredited and gives drivers an insight on the real-world experience of trucking for a living. Find out more about our program by calling (877) 205-2141.

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