Tips for Managing Sleep for New Truck Drivers

Before you can become a commercial truck driver, there’s a lot you need to learn. Passing your CDL test is one thing but preparing to live your life on the road is another. One of the most important elements that new drivers might not think about is sleep. Here are a few tips for managing sleep for new truck drivers.

Get Your Energy Out
Being on the road can be an exciting experience, especially if you’re a new truck driver. If you have too much energy in your system from the excitement, you might not be able to get the rest you need to keep yourself going. Try to exercise during your downtime when you’re on the road. This keeps you healthy and helps you sleep better, which makes you better at your job and more comfortable and confident behind the wheel during the day.

Limit Caffeine
Every truck driver has his or her own routine when going on a long haul. Those who use caffeine to get their energy boosts need to know when to cut themselves off, so they can get to sleep at night. Try not to drink any coffee, soda, or energy drinks when you’re done driving for the day, or you might have trouble falling asleep.

Set Up a Mobile Bed
It’s dangerous to drive when you’re too tired, as your reaction time will slow down and your alertness will fade as well as you get more and more fatigued. Some drivers set up a mobile bed in their trucks, so they can catch some sleep whenever they need to. This is helpful for new drivers who don’t have their routines down to a science quite yet.

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