How Long Does CDL Training Remain Valid?

CDL training helps you prepare to take your tests and earn your full license, but time is a factor. Your permit will expire eventually, so be sure to get your license before it does. Then you need to work on maintaining your license and renewing it when necessary. Read ahead if you’re wondering how far your training can take you.

The best way to start your path towards a truck driving career is at a truck driving school. You’ll learn everything you need to know and get hands on experience that can propel you through a fulfilling career that could last your entire life. Earning your CDL permit gives you the opportunity to practice your craft and spend time behind the wheel before you graduate to a full license. Keep in mind that a CDL permit is only valid for six months, and after that, you’ll have to retake the exam and pay the fee again to renew it.

A commercial driver’s license is valid for five years before you have to renew it, but you also need to maintain it, so you can keep your job. Getting regular physicals is key, as they prove that you’re in good enough health to drive.

The way to go about renewing your commercial driver’s license varies by state, so you need to know how to renew your license in yours. In Arizona, you must renew your CDL every five years, which is common across all states. When you show up to renew your license, bring your current license, a completed Medical Examiner Certificate, and documents that prove you live and work in the United States.

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