Spotlight on Women in the Trucking Industry

If you think trucking is an industry for men, think again. Women get behind the wheel and run their own loads, and they are doing so in ever-increasing numbers. If you’re a woman who is considering trucking, don’t let stereotypes keep you from finding your place in the field. At HDS Truck Driving Institute, our program is designed to help drivers from all different walks of life and backgrounds launch their careers. Here is what you need to know about women in the trucking industry.

The right training environment is everything.

Some women are dissuaded from training as truckers because of the training environment that they encounter. Because trucking has been a male-dominated industry, some truck driving schools and training facilities have been slower to update their processes than others. This creates an environment in which women who are interested in trucking get discouraged when they seek training and give it up for a different career. In reality, the right school for you is out there. Don’t let an outdated approach to trucking education keep you from pursuing your new career.

Women represent the future of trucking.

As an industry, trucking is facing a declining number of drivers at a time when the demand for their services is increasing. Women are the solution. The trucking industry actively wants more women to get behind the wheel to boost the number of truckers on the road and solve problems with labor shortages.

The confidence gap holds some female truckers back.

Confidence gaps between men and women in the workplace bridge all industries, but they can be particularly problematic in trucking. Since men have traditionally dominated trucking, women sometimes let concerns about their place in the industry make them feel less confident about their jobs. This is another area in which the right training can make a big difference.

Let HDS Truck Driving Institute help you launch your career in trucking with the skills and confidence you need to tackle the road. Find out how you can get behind the wheel at our truck driving school in Tucson by calling (877) 205-2141.

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