Beating Truck-Driver Burnout on the Road

Driving a truck is a fulfilling and profitable career for many, but as with any industry, burnout can happen. Truck drivers may be more prone to burnout than people working in other fields because of the nature of their work. Long hours often spent in solitude and long stretches away from home can take a toll in addition to the demands of the workload most truckers are juggling. Add in the potential for working non-traditional hours, such as overnight driving, and the chances of burnout are real. If you’re enrolled in truck driving school and ready to start your career as a trucker, don’t let the risk of burnout keep you from pursuing your new role. Instead, simply be prepared to fight back against burnout with this advice.

Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

A major risk factor for burnout is not taking proper care of your health when on the road. Start by banning packaged gas station food and opt for healthy choices, such as salads, fruit, veggies, and lean protein. Protein bars a good choice when you’re pressed for time—be sure to pick a variety that isn’t loaded with sugar. Limit your caffeine intake and keep added sugar and salt in the food you eat to a minimum. Pull over and stretch regularly and get some exercise when you can. Most importantly, don’t drive for longer than federal regulations recommend. Rest is an essential part of doing your job and preventing work-related burnout.

Use Vacation Time

It’s easy to feel like taking vacation is bad for your career, but recharging is critical to stay on top of your work. Take your vacation time every year and use that time to fully disconnect from work. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to focus.

Speak Up About Scheduling

Your dispatch wants you to get to your destination efficiently and safely. If they are scheduling departure times that are taking too much of a toll on your wellbeing, speak up. Your schedule needs to work for you to ensure a long, successful career.

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