Why the US Economy Relies on Truckers

When you decide to enter truck driving school, you aren’t just entering a career that supports your family—you’re also working within the backbone of the entire US economy. As a truck driver, you will be responsible for getting goods to every corner of the country, and businesses and communities would crumble in days without your contribution. Why do truckers drive the country’s economy? You may be surprised what would happen in a world without truck drivers.

What would happen if every truck stopped driving?

If all of the truck drivers in the US simultaneously stayed off the road, it wouldn’t take long for chaos to ensue. Some of the effects of no trucks on the road would be:

  • ATMs would be out of cash within a two or three days
  • Hospitals would be out of food in 24 hours
  • Communities would have perishable food shortages within three days
  • There would be no drinking water within two to four weeks

These impacts don’t include the costs to businesses. Almost every industry relies on truckers to bring them the materials they need to make their goods, to distribute their goods, or to bring the items they need to do business. None of these things would happen, driving virtually every company out of business.

Will the demand for truck drivers decrease?

Although many industries have seen declines as technology has changed the way people do business, the need for truckers seems to be only increasing. Even lower cost shipping options like rail do not serve the needs of businesses adequately. By 2026, the tonnage of goods being shipped via trucks is expected to increase by 28%. No other form of shipping and transportation so effectively manages the supply needs of business and communities.

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