Using Chains on Your Truck During the Winter Months

Most truck drivers in Arizona never need to worry about using snow chains on their big rigs, but it’s an important skill that every truck driver should know regardless of where they operate. If you’re thinking about attending truck driving school in Tucson and then becoming a long-distance driver, you’ll likely encounter winter road conditions along the way that require the use of heavy chains. Although you’ll learn more about using chains and other safety features during the CDL program, this short blog post will give you an introduction to snow chains and provide helpful tips that most drivers only learn after years of experience.  

What Chains Do

Tire chains are devices that provide maximum tractions when driving through snow or over ice. Although big rig tires provide a lot of grip on their own, they can easily slide out of control on slippery road surfaces. Tire chains give you better control and can also improve your truck’s braking ability in snow or ice.

When to Use Chains

Considering how important it is that truck drivers not lose control of their vehicles while driving on slippery roads, states have mandatory chain laws that require truckers to use chains at different times of the year. The times to use chains can vary from state to state, but you will see signs on the interstate informing you when it’s time to pull over and chain up.

Snow Chain Pro Tips

Putting on tire chains can be a difficult task for truck drivers, especially the first couple of times. To help, here are a few expert tips to keep in mind the next time you chain up:

  • Make sure to lay the chains down with the open ends of the cross links facing the tarmac
  • When fitting the bungees, make sure the hooks are facing outwards
  • Hook the inside of the chains before tightening them from the outside

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