Truck Driving: A Changing Industry

When you are in search of a fantastic career opportunity in a growing field, you may want to consider attending an Arizona truck driving school. After you receive your CDL in Tucson, you will be eligible for a variety of great truck driving jobs. In recent years, the rise of the trucking industry, along with a shortage of qualified drivers, has made truck driving a very competitive field. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which truck driving is a changing industry.

Imported Goods Are On the Rise

One of the biggest changes in the truck driving industry is that imported goods are on the rise. Since many of our important foods and other items are produced and shipped from overseas, it is up to the truck driving industry that all of these products are delivered to the correct locations. With the rise of imports, the truck driving industry has also grown.

The Median Age of Truckers is Changing

The median age of truckers is also changing. In order to become a truck driver in many states, a person must be a minimum of 21 years old. Since more and more young people are becoming interested in trucking as a career, the median age of the profession is becoming younger.

Truck Driving Companies Are Offering Increased Pay

A final significant change in the truck driving industry is that truck driving companies are offering increased pay to truck drivers. This increase in pay is partly due to the shortage of qualified truckers. When you start working as a commercial truck driver, you can expect great pay and benefits.

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