Trip Management Tips for Commercial Truck Driver

One of the benefits of enrolling in a truck driving school in Tucson is that you will graduate with the requisite skills and knowledge needed to be a professional driver. When you enroll in a CDL program taught by experienced drivers, you will also have the added benefit of learning insider tips and tricks that can help you avoid most of the common pitfalls that new drivers face. For example, professional driver instructors will provide you with tips for balancing the need for miles with the need for time at home. Here are some examples of the trip management tips you’ll learn in truck driving school to help you be a more productive and efficient driver.

Use GPS and Stick to Your Route

Whether you’re driving in state or delivering goods across the country, it can take some time to become familiar with your route. That’s why all new drivers are encouraged to use GPS to avoid getting lost. Commercial trucks are not as easy to turn around as passenger vehicles, so one wrong turn could tack on hours to your route while you search for a detour to get you back to your original destination.

Communicate with Your Dispatcher

Unless you are an owner/operator, the only person you’ll be in contact with regarding the status of a pickup or delivery is the dispatcher. It’s important to stay in constant contact with your dispatcher so you can anticipate changes in the route or even plan alternative pickup and delivery schedules based on the status of different points along the way. The dispatcher’s job is to put the puzzle pieces together and plan out the most efficient and productive route for the drivers, so the better you communicate with your dispatcher the better your routes will be.

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