The Predominance of Trucking Jobs in the USA

The trucking industry has remained one of the most successful industries in the U.S. for decades. Thanks to positive changes in the economy, the need for qualified CDL drivers has continued to rise. Today, truck driving is one of the nation’s most common jobs—keep reading to learn more about what makes this career choice such a popular and desirable path to follow.

The Prevalence of Trucking Jobs

According to a recent study performed by NPR, full-time truck, delivery, and tractor drivers who work 35 hours per week or more are the most common workers in many states. This group includes not only traditional OTR truck drivers, but long- and short-range delivery truck drivers and employees as well. The results of this study show that while secretarial and farming jobs were once some of the most commonplace positions in the U.S., there has been a major shift over the past three decades toward the trucking industry.

The Reasons for Increasing Trucking Jobs

There are many reasons for the observed increase in popularity and availability of trucking jobs. The trucking industry has remained largely immune to changes in the way business is conducted—where once many office and factory workers were needed for daily operations, increased automation has caused a decline in such positions. However, such automation has not affected truck drivers. Additionally, increases in general commerce and e-commerce have both led to a corresponding increase in the need for truck drivers to deliver both raw materials and consumer goods. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics and Labor predicts that between 2014 and 2022, the demand for truck drivers will double, increasing from 1.4 million jobs to 2.76 million jobs.

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