The Importance of Support Personnel in the Trucking Industry

Being a truck driver is a lot like being your own boss, at least when you’re on out on the open road. But when you drive for a trucking company, your success (and ultimately your career) depends on a team of support personnel working behind the scenes to make sure all of the logistical and administrative aspects of a job go smoothly. Enrolling in truck driving school will certainly make you a better truck driver, but knowing about the support personnel before you start your career will give you a leg up and help you hit the ground running after you graduate from a CDL school in Tucson.

Makeup of the Support Team

There are a lot of different positions that make up the support team at a trucking operation. Office managers, dispatchers, and mechanics are most commonly thought of, but in fact anyone who has a role in the success of a trucking company is considered as support personnel.

Good Relationships for a Good Career

Building good relationships with the support personnel at your company can have a tremendously positive impact on your success as a driver. The support personnel will have a big say in the routes you run, the order in which your truck will be serviced, and many other things that are out of your control but nonetheless impact your ability to be an effective and efficient driver.

Conflict with Support Personnel

In the same way that good relationships with the support team can enhance your career, conflict with the support team can have a negative effect. If you are experiencing conflict with any member of the support team, whether it’s a higher up in the office or a mechanic in the truck bay, try to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on your career.
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