A Guide to the Different Types of Trucking Jobs

Once you complete truck-driving school, you have a wide range of career opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about some of the different kinds of trucking jobs that you can get with your CDL:

Pulling a Dry Van

When a driver first starts out in the industry, he or she usually works pulling a dry van to get some experience behind the wheel of a truck. This job entails driving a 53-foot trailer that is full of dry or non-perishable goods. These jobs are usually the lowest paying, but they give drivers the opportunity to build on their commercial driving experience.

Hauling Flatbed Loads

You can also find work as a flatbed hauler. This kind of trucking job has you transporting large materials like airplanes or scaffolding. You might even transport military tanks. Since the load is open, it must be secured. You also might need to attach a tarp in bad weather. This job offers a higher paycheck than some of the other trucking jobs.

Pulling a Low Boy

Other trucks that can handle huge loads are low boys. The middle of this kind of truck is low to the ground. If you pull a low boy, you might have to have some escort vehicles that keep you free from the majority of traffic.

Driving a Tanker

Tanker trucks are often full of liquid. Tankers are responsible for transporting anything from gasoline to milk. Some tankers carry dangerous materials like chemicals and gasses that are explosive. Tanker drivers often require special training to ensure that they are ready to handle the gravity changes associated with transporting liquid.

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