Neck Stretches for Truck Drivers

Driver fatigue is a major concern for any professional in the truck driving industry. When you log long hours on the road, you may find that your back, shoulder, and neck get tired and strained. When you attend an Arizona CDL school, you will learn tried and tested techniques for remaining healthy and in good condition on the road. Here is a closer look at some neck stretches that can be used by truck drivers.

The Point

This stretch is very popular for truck drivers who are seeking to reduce neck soreness and stiffness. In order to start this neck stretch, you will extend your right arm as far as you can as if you were pointing towards that direction. With your arm extended, gently move your neck over to the left. Repeat on the reverse side. To get the most out of this stretch, make sure to keep your arm lifted to capacity.

Up and Down

When you are seeking additional relief from neck pain, you may also want to try the up and down stretch. With this simple stretch, you will simply move your head up and down in a repetitive motion. By moving your neck up and down, you will be able to relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness.

Side to Side

The final stretch that you may want to try is the side to side neck stretch. This simple stretch can be performed as you are driving your commercial vehicle. To perform the stretch, you will want to simply move your head from side to side in a gentle motion. This stretch can also be performed as a neck roll.

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