Bringing Your Canine Companion on the Road

Who says being a truck driver means leaving your four-legged friends behind? Many truck drivers enjoy hitting the road with a canine for company. Both drivers and their pups can have fun on the adventure, and you’ll love having the companionship on long journeys away from home. Bringing your dog on the road may even help you become more fit, as you incorporate more walks into your stops. Could your dog join you on the open road? Keep this advice as your make your pup your co-pilot.

Check with Your Trucking Company

Most truck driving companies let drivers bring their dogs on the road, but it’s always a good idea to check the policies before you load up your pet for the trip. Some companies may have restrictions on the kinds or ages of dogs that are allowed on the road, while other may require drivers to have a certain amount of experience before driving with a pet companion. If you plan to drive with your pet as new driver, ask about company policies during your interview, so you can sign on with a team that will approve your plans.

Prepare Your Truck for Your Canine Companion

Just like you need to be comfortable in your cab, so does your dog. Have a designated space for your dog to relax that is comfortable and safe in both the front with you and in your sleeping quarters. Make sure anything that could be dangerous to your pup, such as medications, are out of reach. Teach your dog which parts of the truck are no-go areas, such as your clutch and brake.

Double-Check Your Packing List

Make sure to bring everything on the road your canine companion will need, including food, treats, and bowls for food and water. Bring toys that will help to keep boredom at bay as well as his or her leash for walks. It’s a good idea to have blankets to keep your dog comfortable, as well as everything you will need to clean up after him or her. Travel with your dog’s vaccination records and a travel crate to use as needed during deliveries.

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