The Steps of Applying for a CDL in Arizona

Before you can start working as a professional truck driver, you have to earn your Arizona CDL. Once you finish your truck driving school program, you will have to apply for your CDL. Keep reading to learn the steps of applying for this license so you can begin the next phase of your career.

Apply for Your License

The first step to attaining your CDL is to complete the application. The application is two pages and asks you about pertinent information that proves you are ready to get your CDL. Make sure you fill out every line so the Department of Transportation can start to process your paperwork.

Prove Your Citizenship

Before you can get your license, you have to prove that you are legally able to work in the United States. You have to submit at least two documents to prove your citizenship, one of which has your photograph. If you do not have any documents with a photo, you can submit three acceptable forms of identification. You must bring in original documents that are written in English and certified by the agency that issued them.

Bring Identification and Proof of Age

You also have to provide a government-issued ID and something that has proof of your age. It is imperative to bring in two forms of identification and at least one has to have your picture. The Arizona Department of Transportation must also verify your social security number.

Proof of Residence

In order to obtain your CDL in the state of Arizona, you have to prove that you reside there. This means that Arizona must be your permanent home and principal residence.

Start your journey toward your CDL by applying for the program at the HDS Trucking Driving Institute. We make it easy to learn the information and the skills you need to earn your license. For more information on our program and financial aid opportunities, visit us online or call 1-877-205-2141.


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