The Role of Women in the Truck Driving Industry

As long as you are of age and legally allowed to drive in the United States, you can get a Tucson CDL regardless of your gender. While the truck driving industry is primarily made up of males, there are plenty of female drivers as well. Here is a brief overview of the role of women in the truck driving industry.


Everyone has different experiences at work, and this goes for both genders. The region in which you work, your specific job, and the company you work for all play their own roles in your overall experience on the job. Women may be just as qualified as men to obtain CDLs and drive commercial vehicles for a living. They may be drivers, dispatchers, or supervisors.

What to Enjoy

Society tends to treat men and women slightly differently. When it comes to the truck driving industry, your treatment depends on your individual circumstances. Some female truck drivers have considered it an advantage to be a female in the industry. Those who enjoy special attention might get what they desire, and it could come in the form of a free truck stop meal or radio directions. Receiving assistance quickly and efficiently can help to keep you on track and prevent you from experiencing setbacks, so this may be a significant advantage. However, some female drivers do not like any extra attention.

What to Look Out For

In a field that is largely made up of males, the presence of a female tends to stand out. Although some men point this presence out at any chance they get, this is by no means the norm. Always report any inappropriate behavior to your superior if someone makes you uncomfortable at work.

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