Do You Need to Go to Truck Driving School to Become a Truck Driver?

Here’s something that not all truck driving schools will admit: you can earn your class A CDL on your own. But while you aren’t technically required to attend truck driving school to become a truck driver, there are lots of reasons why you should. If your goal is to become a professional driver as quickly as possible, there’s no better option than enrolling in truck driving school. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of earning your CDL through an accredited truck driving school rather than going the DIY route.

Access to Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

There are plenty of resources on the Internet that can show you how operate a commercial motor vehicle, but there’s no better way to learn than actually getting behind the wheel of a large truck. When you attend truck driving school, you’ll get hands-on training that will better prepare you for the challenges and difficulties of operating a commercial motor vehicle than studying for the CDL exam on your own.

Professional Truck Driver Tips and Insights

Another benefit of going to truck driving school is that you will be taught by experienced drivers who will give you tips and insights that can give you a leg up on other drivers. When you graduate from truck driving school, you will have knowledge about the profession that can take months or even years on the job for most new drivers to acquire. Not only will this help extend your career, but it will also make you more desirable to companies hiring truck drivers.

Job Placement Assistance

There are all sorts of resources available to truck driving school students that you can’t get on your own. For instance, HDS Truck Driving Institute in Tucson offers lifetime job placement assistance for graduates. This means you’ll always have a helping hand in finding a truck driving job.

Contact HDS Truck Driving Institute and let us tell you more about the benefits of enrolling in one of our professional truck driver programs. We also offer CDL refresher courses for former drivers who are looking to get back into the profession. Contact us online or call us toll-free at (877) 205-2141 to learn why we are the premier CDL school in Tucson.

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