What It Means to Be an Owner-Operator

While working for a truck driving company can be fulfilling in itself, being an owner-operator may be even more rewarding. Whether you enter your Tucson CDL school knowing you want to spend your life driving or you figure it out along the way, the job may be equally appropriate for your situation. Read on to find out what it means to be an owner-operator.


Before you take the plunge and become an owner-operator, you’ll need to make sure that you’re completely prepared. This type of job is more entrepreneurial than others, which means it demands a strict work ethic and a significant amount of discipline. This is why owner-operators typically have more than a couple of decades of experience in the business. You should also be intimately familiar with your area and own at least one truck and trailer of your own.


As an owner-operator, you will be working on both sides of the business. You will own your own company and become your own boss, but you will still need to be the driving force that operates your company. There is a great deal to consider in this case, like the maintenance you will offer your fleet, how much of your fleet you have paid off, and how often you would like to sleep in your own bed.


Owner-operators must be more concerned with the financial aspect of the trucking industry than an employee on the payroll. It is once again important to consider the fleet you own and maintenance expenses, but you also need to consider personal finances like eating satisfying meals and sleeping comfortably, perhaps in hotels.

You can’t become an owner-operator until you earn your Tucson CDL, so call HDS Truck Driving Institute at (877) 205-2141. You can also visit our website to learn about how our Arizona CDL school can set you up for a successful future in the truck driving industry.

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