A Look at Proposed Fuel-Efficiency Standard Changes for Truckers

Fuel efficiency holds many benefits for truck drivers, trucking companies, and the environment alike. New regulations, ordered by President Obama this February and set to be drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department within one year, will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated by the trucking industry. This important change is a positive step toward a healthier environment for both today’s population and future generations.

Improving Gas Mileage

The goal of President Obama’s proposed fuel-efficiency standard changes is to improve the gas mileage of trucks. Better gas mileage means that truck drivers will not need to refuel as often. Truck drivers will thus be able to cover larger distances and meet deadlines with more efficiency. Improved efficiency can potentially increase safety on the roads for all by reducing rushed driving as well. Better gas mileage will also save truckers and their employers money because they will need to purchase less gas overall. Lower fuel costs will reduce the cost of truck operation, as well as the cost of consumer goods. A reduction in the amount of gas necessary to transport goods will also reduce the country’s dependency on foreign oil imports.

Reducing Climate Change

Studies have shown that mankind’s ever-growing industrial culture is having an effect on the climate. Greenhouse gases, which are released when fossil fuels such as diesel and gasoline are burned, increase the insulating effect of the atmosphere. This causes temperatures to rise across the globe, contributing to significant climate changes. Thus, lowering greenhouse gas emissions will reduce the effects of climate change, especially when these changes are made and observed over the long term.

The trucking industry plays an important role in the U.S. economy, and now it can also play a valuable part in reducing climate change. If you would like to learn more about the trucking industry and becoming a truck driver in Tucson, contact HDS Truck Driving Institute today by calling (877) 205-2141 or stop by our next open house. You can also find more information about CDL training and certification on the Web.

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