The Labor Shortage in the Trucking Industry

If you are looking for a career with plenty of job security, you might want to consider becoming a professional truck driver. Keep reading to learn more about the labor shortage in the industry and how it can help you break into the field.

Major Labor Shortages

The American Trucking Association has determined that the industry is short by about 30,000 drivers. Because of this, about 90 percent of trucking carriers have reported problems finding enough drivers to meet their criteria from the Department of Transportation (DOT). This means that you can complete your time in truck-driving school and have an incredibly good chance of finding a job right away.

A Lot of Turnover

A lot of companies are having trouble holding onto their drivers. If they can find someone to operate their vehicles, they often have a turnover rate that reaches as high as 92 percent. The trucking industry felt the full force of the financial crisis and they are still trying to replenish their fleet of drivers. If you complete your training at a quality CDL school, you have a great chance of getting a job you will love.

Plans to Invest in Drivers

Since trucking companies are having such a hard time finding people to operate their vehicles, many of the larger carriers are planning to invest more in their drivers. Now is a great time to apply to truck driving school and break into the industry so you can reap the benefits of this labor shortage and find job security for yourself.

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