Did You Know These Trucking Facts?

Before you start learning how to drive a truck in CDL school, you might want to brush up on your industry knowledge so you can prepare for your classes and get more out of your time in school. Did you know?:

Trucking Is a Huge Industry

The trucking industry is a very important part of the American economy. When you combine the trucking companies, the warehouses, and the private sectors, this field creates about 8.9 million jobs. About 3.5 million of these jobs are as truck drivers, so there is plenty of potential for major job security in the industry. Since trucking companies usually clock about 432.9 billion miles in a year, they are always on the lookout for responsible drivers.

The Trucking Industry Brings in a Lot of Money

As a whole, the trucking industry brings in about $255.5 billion. Each company earns a profit of about $0.48 for every $1.00 they collect. Drivers tend to bring in about $.30 cents for every mile they drive, which usually works out to about $32,000 a year. Take advantage of your time in truck driving school to learn the skills you need to start working in a career that helps you earn a living.

Truck Drivers Are Less Likely to Be in Accidents

Contrary to what many people might believe, commercial trucks are only involved in about 2.4 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. In fact, trucks are 3 times less likely to get into a collision than regular vehicles. The other vehicle was responsible for more than 75 percent of the collisions that do occur.

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