How to Keep Your Back Healthy When You’re Driving

On paper, driving may not seem like it comes with too many health risks; however, in practice you can soon find issues that you wish you had thought of beforehand. Stretching and exercise along with a proper driving setup can keep you comfortable on the road, sparing you from back pain. Here is a closer look at how to keep your back healthy when you’re driving.

Stretch Frequently

Depending on how long you spend on the road, you could be sitting still for an extensive period of time. Since your muscles can tense up and get tight, it’s a good idea to stretch out whenever you get the chance. Stop at rest stops whenever you feel the need so you can stretch out or perform some basic exercises to keep your muscles active and flexible.  

Customize Your Driving Setup

Posture can impact your back in a serious way, as anyone who has fallen asleep in an awkward position would know. If you already feel any signs of discomfort when you begin your trip, it is best to make adjustments as soon as you notice them. Make sure your driver’s seat and steering wheel are adjusted to your liking, and angle your mirrors so that you don’t have to crane your neck.

Don’t Sit on Your Wallet

It may not seem like a big deal, but even something as small as a wallet in your back pocket can be enough to mess with the alignment of your spine. Be sure to remove your wallet from your back pocket before you start driving to reduce your chances of back pain and discomfort.
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