The Importance of the Trucking Industry

The American economy depends on the trucking industry. If you are looking to start a career that provides job security, you might want to consider going to truck-driving school to get your CDL so you can be a part of an industry that provides these essential services:

It Transports Domestic Shipments

Companies depend on domestic shipments to run their businesses. Trucks transport about 70 percent of all domestic shipments. This enables businesses to move their products to other areas of the country and it also allows them to get the products and the supplies they need to continue running their companies. Without the trucking industry, domestic shipping would take a huge hit.

It Moves Items between Other Types of Transportation

Even if goods and products are sent by train, boat, or air, they will still likely travel on a truck at some point. The trucking industry allows companies to send their materials from one location directly to another. Without trucks, it would be much more difficult to get these items to the desired destination.

It Provides Thousands of Jobs

The trucking industry employees about 800,000 truck drivers in the U.S. alone. This is an essential addition to the economy and provides plenty of work opportunities for people who are looking for a steady career. With such a valuable working resource, the trucking industry helps thousands of families earn a reputable living.

It Boosts the Economy

On top of providing a lot of jobs, the trucking industry adds a lot to the American economy. It brings in about $650 billion of revenue each year, which is a huge contribution to the country’s gross income. In fact, trucks are responsible for about 84 percent of the entire revenue of the whole transportation industry.

If you want to be a part of an industry that is such a pillar of this nation, sign up for truck-driving school at HDS Truck Driving Institute. Our programs are designed to get you behind the wheel of a truck or other kind of commercial vehicle as quickly as possible. To learn more, visit us online or call (877) 205-2141.

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