How Truck Drivers Should Interact with Other Drivers on the Road

After you complete truck driving school in Tucson and obtain your Arizona CDL, you will be much closer to the rewarding trucking career you’ve been dreaming of. Although one of the things you will learn during your time at HDS Truck Driving Institute is how to share the road with other drivers, it’s never too early to introduce you to some of the unwritten etiquette rules that will make you a safe, professional, and courteous truck driver.

Stay to the Right

It’s good trucking etiquette to stay outside of the left lane except when passing slow moving traffic. If you find yourself stuck behind slow traffic and a driver slows down in the left lane to allow you to merge, get over to the right as soon as it is safe to do so. This is a nice way of showing thanks to the driver for allowing you to get ahead of traffic.

Remember Your High Beams

As a truck driver, you may sometimes find yourself in the middle of a long trip late at night in the middle of nowhere. You should use your truck’s high beams whenever it is appropriate to illuminate the road ahead, but remember to turn them off when oncoming traffic is approaching or when a car merges in front of you. You don’t realize it behind the wheel, but your truck’s high beams are very bright and can be quite distracting for other drivers.

Move Over for Stopped Vehicles

As an exception to the first rule we discussed, move over to the left whenever you approach a vehicle that is pulled over on the shoulder and flashing hazard lights. If it is not safe to pull over, slow down as you approach the vehicle. Large trucks create a lot of turbulence and “blow by” when passing stationary objects and vehicles, so moving over and/or slowing down will minimize the disturbance your truck causes on the people inside or working on the vehicle.
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