What Are the Most Famous Highways in America?

One of the most alluring elements of earning your CDL and becoming a truck driver is the opportunity to see all kinds of different sights. The network of roads and highways that take you across the United States will show you some wonderful sights, so read ahead and learn about some of the most famous examples.

Pacific Coast Highway
California is a large state, so there are many kinds of scenery to see. The Pacific Coast Highway takes you all over the state, so you can see everything from the sunny beaches to the lush greenery that this beautiful area has to offer. This highway will also show you historical landmarks, and it will take you through the biggest cities in the state.

Route 66
The famous Route 66 was originally started in 1926, and at this point in time it was a much bigger road than most. Although it wasn’t completed until 1938, it was still the first road to pave the way between Chicago and Los Angeles. Although it’s not the revered “super-highway” that it once was, Route 66 is an important piece of American history and is still lined with attractions and tourist shops.

Turquoise Trail
You might end up on the Turquoise Trail if you’re heading from Santa Fe to Albuquerque or vice versa. You can find the Tinkertown Museum on this highway, as well as towns like Madrid and Los Cerrillos, which were known for mining. As you might expect, they were mining towns for turquoise.

Extraterrestrial Highway
If you’re into the extraterrestrial, then you need to take a drive along the Extraterrestrial Highway. This stretch of road is near the famous Area 51, and some of the local businesses embrace the “alien” culture.

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