Examining the Latest Advances in Trucking Safety

According to data from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the American Trucking Association (ATA), the rate of truck-involved fatalities in the United States in declining. This is welcome news for anyone interested in becoming a truck driver as it means the industry as a whole is safer than it’s ever been. The biggest factor in trucking safety is well-trained drivers behind the wheel, which is why anyone interested in a driving career is urged to enroll in a professional truck driving school. But that’s just part of the equation. The new landscape of the industry has also been shaped by recent advances in trucking safety, including:

Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The ATA cites the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s recent mandate requiring the use of electronic logging devices by commercial vehicles as a historic step forward for the industry as a whole. The ELD mandate will make the trucking industry safer for drivers and motorists alike as it will help prevent fatigued and overworked drivers from operating on America’s roads.

ESC Mandate

Another federal mandate comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with regards to electronic stability control systems. Starting in 2017, the NHTSA will require that ESC systems be installed on all large trucks. The ATA reports that such a mandate could prevent more than 1,700 crashes annually. Many fleets have already begun utilizing this technology and the passing of this new mandate will speed up industry-wide adoption of this life-saving technology.

Road Infrastructure Improvements

The improving condition of America’s roads is another reason for the increasing safety of the trucking industry. Roads designed to minimize bottlenecks and ensure better traffic flow reduce hazards and obstacles that can pose a threat to commercial drivers and fellow motorists. Road improvements also shorten travel times and lower costs for carriers and owner/operators.

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