Career Options for Bus Drivers

Earning your CDL offers you a number of opportunities when pursuing your dream career. While many CDL holders go on to become truck drivers, many others enjoy rewarding careers as bus drivers. If you’re interested in using your CDL to become a bus driver, keep reading to learn more about the career opportunities that await you.

Urban Transit Systems

City transit systems frequently use buses as part of a comprehensive public transportation solution. Bus drivers are an integral part of these systems, handling regularly-scheduled buses that may have several stops between final destinations. As a public transportation driver, you may drive the same routes every day or switch off between varying destinations, depending on your employer and your preferences.

Charter Bus Companies

Charter bus companies employ a large number of bus drivers in the United States. One of the most popular charter bus careers is site-to-site transportation, such as on ticketed buses. Charter bus drivers may also provide private group travel for sports teams, businesses, families, and other groups. Alternatively, charter bus drivers may serve as both driver and tour guide for companies specializing in sightseeing, and tourism. Charter bus companies may serve only a small local area or carry passengers across the country on long-distance trips.

School Bus Companies

School buses provide daily transportation for students during the school year; school bus drivers typically handle several routes per day for students of every age. In addition to driving students to and from school on a daily basis, school bus drivers are also called upon for special activities such as field trips, sports meets, academic competitions, and team-building trips.
Driving a bus can be an exciting, ever-changing, and rewarding career. HDS Truck Driving Institute is pleased to offer specialized CDL bus training and testing in Tucson to help you achieve your goals, as well as lifetime job placement assistance for every graduate. We invite you to call us at (877) 205-2141 or click through our website to learn more about the benefits of earning your CDL with our truck driving school.

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