Career Opportunities as a Truck Driver

Obtaining your Arizona CDL will open up doors for many different career opportunities within the trucking industry. Whether you want to drive for a company or be your own boss, see the country or be home with your family each night, there are a wide variety of career opportunities only available to men and women who complete truck driving school in Tucson. To help you plan for the future, here’s a look at some of the top career opportunities as a truck driver.

Over-the-Road Truck Driver

OTR drivers transport goods and materials throughout the United States and are typically on the road for three or four weeks at a time. Experienced OTR truck drivers can make 60 cents or more per mile. If you want to make a great living and get paid to travel through the U.S., you may be interested in becoming an OTR driver.

Regional Truck Driver

Unlike OTR drivers, regional truck drivers haul freight within a few hundred miles of a specified area. For example, if you complete truck driving school in Tucson and want to stay in the Old Pueblo after graduation, your regional deliveries will take you to places like Phoenix, Yuma, and Southern California. Regional truck drivers can be out for two or three weeks at a time.

Local Truck Driver

If you would prefer to be home each night, you should pursue a career as a local truck driver in Tucson. Local drivers make deliveries throughout their home base and are often home nightly. In some cases you may be asked to make long-distance hauls, but even those should only keep you away from home for a few days at most.

There are also opportunities for Arizona CDL holders to become truck driver instructors, owner/operators, and more. If you want to learn about all of the career opportunities as a truck driver, contact HDS Truck Driving Institute. We are proud to be one of the very best truck driving schools in Arizona, and the premier CDL school in Tucson. Please call us at  877-205-2141 to learn more about our programs, admission requirements, and financial aid opportunities.

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