The Best Meals You’ll Find in America’s Truck Stops

From the time you earn your Tucson CDL to the time you turn in the keys for good, you’ll want to make sure you stay fed on the road. Travelling all over the country will bring you to truck stops you might have thought you’d never see, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Here are some of the best meals you’ll find in America’s truck stops.

Potatoes, Pizza, and Chicken at Space Aliens Bar and Grill

Some truck stops are much flashier than others, and it’s tough not to notice Space Aliens Bar and Grill when you drive by. You can find this eccentric truck stop in Bismarck, North Dakota, and its theme is quite straightforward. Walk in through the space-style doors and enjoy a fire-roasted pizza, stuffed baked potatoes, or delicious whiskey bourbon chicken.

Scallops and Fried Clams at Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

When your travels take you to Bangor, Maine, you’ll want to make a point of visiting Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant. In addition to classic Maine blueberry pie, Dysart’s offers fried clams and scallops in sizeable portions. What makes Dysart’s particularly interesting is that they still use many of the same recipes as they did in 1967 when the truck stop and restaurant first opened its doors.

Salad Bar at Iowa 80 Truck Stop

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop features a massive salad bar that spans fifty feet, so fuel up on your veggies. The stop is open all day and all night, and with a movie theater, barber shop, and museum, it’s more like a mall than a truck stop.

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