Beginning Your New Career as a Truck Driver

After you’ve graduated from CDL school, it’s time to begin your new career as a truck driver. There are many options to pursue, so it’s best to take some time to think about the career path you’d like to follow and how it will fit best into your needs and preferences. Even if you aren’t able to start out following the exact schedule and route you’d like, more paths will continue to open up as you build experience and credit as a trucker.

Company Driving

Working for a trucking company is one of the easiest and most common ways to begin a trucking career. When you work for a company, they will provide your truck and pay to maintain it to ensure it is safe and working efficiently. However, working for a company may offer more limited choices in routes, number of miles, and hours spent at home at first. As you build working experience and longevity with your company, you’ll likely gain seniority and the option to have more control over your schedule and routes. If you’d like to learn a new trucking skill or specialize in certain types of cargoes, consider signing on with a company that will either provide that education or help to fund further trucking courses.

Owner/Operator Driving

Rather than working for a company, you can go into trucking for yourself. Becoming an owner/operator requires a larger upfront investment because you’ll need to lease or purchase your truck. You’ll also need to pay to maintain it and keep up your own commercial auto insurance. However, becoming an owner/operator offers you the immediate freedom to choose the routes, cargoes, and companies you’d like to work with. Many truckers enjoy working for themselves and the freedom that comes with being an owner/operator rather than a company driver.

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