Avoid These Dangers of Trucking

There are many benefits to starting a career as a truck driver. Just like any other job, though, there are some potential drawbacks. Use this guide to learn about some of the dangers of trucking so you can avoid them and enjoy a smooth and simple career:

Sleep Deprivation

Driving when you are tired can decrease your response time and make it more dangerous to operate a large vehicle like a truck. It can also affect your memory, prevent you from maintaining a healthy weight, and increase your blood pressure. Missing out on sleep also impacts your immune system, which could increase your chances of getting sick. Make sure you get plenty of rest so you are at your best when you are behind the wheel.

Weight Gain

Sitting down for long stretches of time and eating fast food on the highway puts you at risk for gaining a lot of weight. About 73 percent of truck drivers are overweight and 50 percent are obese. Pay attention to the foods you eat and try to get some exercise so you can maintain a healthy weight even when you are on the road. Make an effort to walk as much as you can throughout the course of a day or carry some dumbbells with you so you can do some light strength training. Instead of ordering the supersized meal at the fast food restaurant, you should try to set your sights on healthier options.

Heart Attack and Stroke

Unhealthy habits like gaining weight and eating bad food can drastically increase your risk for serious health issues, including heart attack and stroke. Be diligent about eating healthy food and getting plenty of exercise to reduce these risks and maintain your health.

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