A Look at the CDL Process in Arizona

Commercial truck driving can be a fulfilling and exciting job, and it starts with your Tucson CDL. Not everyone is a candidate for a CDL, however, and you must earn your permit before you can take your final exams. Keep reading for a look at the CDL process in Arizona.

Being Eligible

There are a few criteria that you must meet if you would like to earn a license that allows you to drive commercial vehicles in Arizona. Firstly, Arizona must be the state where you currently reside. If your permanent address indicates that you live somewhere else, you cannot obtain a CDL in Arizona. Individuals who plan on using a CDL to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines are only allowed to do so if they are 21 years of age or older. An 18 year old may obtain an intrastate CDL in order to drive commercially within the state of Arizona.

Obtaining a Permit

Before you can take full advantage of your CDL, you must first obtain a CDL instruction permit. This will allow you to practice driving a commercial vehicle on highways, and it expires after 6 months. You will have to provide certain types of information when applying for your CDL permit, including your Social Security card, appropriate forms of identification, and evidence of a physical examination. You must also have at least one year of experience in driving a motor vehicle.

Passing Your Exams

Use your CDL permit to practice for your exams. You can also enroll in courses at a Tucson CDL school to make sure you learn everything you need to know before attempting to earn your CDL. A qualified truck driving school can help you pass with flying colors and earn a secure job.

If you would like to learn more about the CDL process in Arizona, feel free to call HDS Truck Driving Institute at (877) 205-2141. We are a Tucson CDL school that aims to help you prepare to earn your commercial driver’s license. Please do not hesitate to visit our website for more information about our truck driving school.

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