A Look at Dry Van and Refrigerated Trucks

After obtaining your commercial driver’s license, the most important career decision you will make is how to surround yourself with the right people at work. You also need to understand the factors affecting the freight you receive, as well as the steps to take to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Factors to consider when choosing your freight type include your personality, lifestyle, and desire to be far from home for long periods of time.

Dry van carrier

The most common trailer on the roads is dry vans, which are big, empty boxes. As a result, they don’t require any temperature control mechanisms. As there are more dry van companies than any other type of company, you will discover the broadest range of opportunities in this trucking area. Additionally, there are a large variety of companies pulling these types of trailers, so they are difficult to define in a general way. As a result, there are a broad range of jobs and lifestyles within this trucking category.

Dry van jobs

Especially with bigger companies, dry van jobs tend to offer the greatest range of opportunities for truckers who prefer regional, dedicated, and local runs. In many of the larger companies, it’s easy for truckers to switch over into a regional job, which gets them home on the weekends, or possibly every night. While these jobs may require some manual labor, this usually depends on the individual companies themselves.

Refrigerated carriers

A refrigerated company can haul either temperature sensitive freight or drive freight. From time to time, the company will get some of each. Consequently, it’s good for a company to be capable of hauling both types of goods, as it gives the company more versatility with its freight.

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