With a high demand for truck drivers and an ever-dwindling number of qualified drivers available, new truckers have boundless career opportunities. The pay is what attracts many drivers to the industry, and new drivers can quickly see their salaries increase as the demand for drivers far outpaces the supply. Even in this marketplace that is … Continue reading “Increase Your Earning Potential with a Career in Trucking”

Who says being a truck driver means leaving your four-legged friends behind? Many truck drivers enjoy hitting the road with a canine for company. Both drivers and their pups can have fun on the adventure, and you’ll love having the companionship on long journeys away from home. Bringing your dog on the road may even … Continue reading “Bringing Your Canine Companion on the Road”

If you are planning to become a commercial truck driver, one of the major challenges you’re likely to face is learning to drive under difficult road conditions. In particular, you need to get ready for winter driving. This is an essential skill to learn, as you’ll need to adjust the way you drive in order … Continue reading “Winter Trucking: What You Need to Prepare For”

A Look at Modern Transportation Trends that Are Influencing the Need for Truckers The trucking industry has changed considerably over the last several decades, and still more changes are on the way. If you’re planning to become a commercial truck driver, you should be aware of how these changes may affect your career. These are … Continue reading “A Look at Modern Transportation Trends”

Long stretches of open road and unstable sleep schedules can often combine to make truck drivers feel sleepy behind the wheel. However, driving a truck requires your full attention, for your own safety and the safety of everyone on the road. How can you avoid being lulled into a state of drowsiness when the road … Continue reading “Tips for Staying Alert During Long-Haul Trips”

The trucking industry is growing, and it is expected to keep expanding in the coming years, with demands for new drivers steadily rising. If you’re looking for a new career, driving a truck offers plenty of job security and opportunity for advancement, but life on the road is not right for everyone. Should you consider … Continue reading “Signs that Trucking Is the Right Career Choice for You”

Driving a truck is a fulfilling and profitable career for many, but as with any industry, burnout can happen. Truck drivers may be more prone to burnout than people working in other fields because of the nature of their work. Long hours often spent in solitude and long stretches away from home can take a … Continue reading “Beating Truck-Driver Burnout on the Road”

If you think trucking is an industry for men, think again. Women get behind the wheel and run their own loads, and they are doing so in ever-increasing numbers. If you’re a woman who is considering trucking, don’t let stereotypes keep you from finding your place in the field. At HDS Truck Driving Institute, our … Continue reading “Spotlight on Women in the Trucking Industry”

Your first long-haul trucking job may be exciting and anxiety provoking at the same time. Despite careful training and education, it’s natural to have some nervousness about going out on the road for extended periods, hauling large loads and navigating tight loading docks. Preparation is key to having the best possible experience on your first … Continue reading “Preparing Yourself for Your First Long-Haul Trucking Job”

Trucking is a great choice for people who are concerned about job security. The country runs on big rigs. Without an army of truckers working across the country every day, food wouldn’t reach supermarkets, medicine wouldn’t reach hospitals, and online shoppers wouldn’t get their purchases. Although there is always a high demand for qualified drivers … Continue reading “What Does It Take to Get Hired As a Professional Trucker?”

Every aspiring big rig operator needs to earn a commercial driving license (CDL). With a CDL, you’ll be qualified to drive most of the big vehicles out there. But some drivers specialize, which gives them even more options. A specialization is known as an endorsement, and one of the endorsements you could earn is your … Continue reading “Spotlight on Hazmat Certification”