What is the Tanker Endorsement?

Earning your class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) allows you to drive most types of semi-trucks. However, there are some specialized vehicles that require additional certification. Tank trucks are one example of this and require the tanker endorsement, also called the “N” endorsement, to operate. More information about the tank vehicle endorsement: Vehicles that Require … Continue reading “What is the Tanker Endorsement?”

Your Guide to CDL Restrictions

Earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) allows you to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). To earn this license, you will need to pass a written exam and a skills test. In addition to understanding what is necessary to earn a standard license, you should also understand CDL restrictions. These are codes that can be … Continue reading “Your Guide to CDL Restrictions”

Trucking Industry Statistics

A career in the trucking industry is rewarding in more ways than one. Truckers are essential to our nation’s economy and a growing shortage of drivers means motor carriers often compete to offer the best pay and benefits. Data from various organizations demonstrates the growth potential in this industry as well as just how important … Continue reading “Trucking Industry Statistics”

Types of Freight

Truck drivers deliver a huge variety of goods and materials and are essential to our country’s economy. After you earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL), you can become a part of this important industry. One of the choices you will make after graduation is what type of truck driving job best fits your needs and … Continue reading “Types of Freight”