Tips for Safe Trucking

A semi-truck is significantly larger than the typical car or truck and operating one requires care and skill. Safe trucking helps protect you, your freight, and everyone else on the road. Our commercial driver’s license (CDL) program will prepare you to hit the road with a strong foundation. From there, it’s up to you to … Continue reading “Tips for Safe Trucking”

Types of Truck Driver Pay

Truck driving is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-paying career. Truckers can make more than $66,000 a year*, but the pay structure is often different for over-the-road drivers than it is for other workers. There are several different types of truck driver pay that you may encounter after you earn your commercial driver’s … Continue reading “Types of Truck Driver Pay”

A Guide to Local Trucking

When people think of truck driving, they often think of over-the-road (OTR) jobs first. These careers involve transporting freight long distances and drivers are generally out for several weeks at a time. Although these types of truckers are in high demand, this is by no means the only path available to you once you earn … Continue reading “A Guide to Local Trucking”

The Different Types of Trucking

Earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) opens the door to many different career paths. Not all of these have to involve truck driving and you may work as a CDL school instructor, dispatcher, highway maintenance technician, et cetera. Even within the realm of trucking, there is a great deal of variety. Different types of trucking … Continue reading “The Different Types of Trucking”

The Future of Women in Trucking

When many people picture a trucker, they automatically think of a rugged man. Although the trucking industry has historically been predominantly male, the number of women in trucking continues to grow. The truck driver shortage has created an increased need for new drivers of both genders, and continuing to welcome more women into trucking is … Continue reading “The Future of Women in Trucking”