Why Truckers are More Essential Than Ever

Truckers are an essential part of our nation’s economy and supply chain. According to research by the American Trucking Associations, 70% of the freight in the United States is delivered by truck, which adds up to almost $800 billion in revenue each year. Without the trucking industry, our country would not be able to function. During the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, truck drivers are even more important than ever. 

Here are some of the many ways commercial drivers help keep our country and economy moving: 

Medical Supplies

One of the many types of goods that trucks deliver is medical supplies. This includes masks, gloves, and other items that are essential in fighting the current pandemic. Truckers also transport prescription medications. Many of these need to be kept in specific conditions and delivered in a timely manner. If trucks stopped delivering freight, hospitals would run out of supplies within the first 24 hours and would start to deplete their oxygen reserves by the end of the first week. 

Food and Water

Semi-trucks deliver most all of the items you buy in grocery stores. From produce to canned food, drivers make sure that these items are available when you need them. If truckers were not on the road making deliveries, it would only take about 2-3 days for food shortages to begin. 

Clean water can also be transported by tanker trucks, so the trucking industry helps ensure that this resource is available. It would take about two weeks for the public to notice the effects of a water shortage in the event that the trucking industry stopped operating. 

Other Essential Goods

Nearly anything you can think of is delivered by semi-truck. Since such a large amount of freight travels this way, the trucking industry is an integral part of delivering toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other essentials that people need. With so many stores running out of these items, truckers help make sure the shelves are restocked. 

Raw Materials for Manufacturing

Tractor-trailers haul more than just consumer goods. They bring raw materials to factories who use these to make essential items for a variety of industries. This means that trucking has a direct and indirect impact on what products are available to the public and specialized fields, such as the medical profession. 

Recognizing the Contributions of Truck Drivers

At HDS Truck Driving Institute, we want to recognize the contributions that truckers make to our society, both during this pandemic and on a day-to-day basis. Truck drivers are more essential than ever, so even during these uncertain times, American citizens can trust that they will be able to find the items they need. 

A Stable Career in the Trucking Industry

If you want to become a part of this vital industry, you can start by earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Even during a global pandemic, truck driving offers a stable career that you can count on. 

To learn more about becoming a trucker, contact us today.