Christopher Paige

“I attended HDS in January to February 2013. The instructors were very thorough and very fun to learn from. We all laughed and had a good time in class learning all the things we needed to know for becoming a professional driver. I learned a lot and took everything in as fast as I could and thanked all the instructors for the great time for learning and teaching us all we needed to know in the short time we had together. I attended my driver training at Stevens Transport at the end of February. I went through a long and very instructive training process. I had a lot of fun doing it though. In September of 2013 I graduated from Stevens Transport OTR Training Program. I was a company driver for about 45 days and went onto becoming a Lease operator in August. I have had a lot of success with my career thanks to all my training at HDS and at Stevens Transport. Thanks to all for a successful career from HDS and the instructors.”