Questions to Ask Potential Trucking Employers

Truck drivers have many factors to consider when deciding which trucking company to work for. Before you hop in the cab, you should ensure that the company meets your expectations. Although job interviews typically involve answering questions about yourself, it is also a great time to ask your future employer about their institution. Asking your interviewer questions shows your interest in the job while confirming that the company is a good fit for you.

Ask your recruiter these five questions before you commit to a position:

1. What is Your Home Time Policy?

Being away from your family for days or weeks while you’re on a route is one of the most difficult parts of being a trucker, so home time policies are a necessary consideration when choosing an employer. Although asking about when you’re not going to work may not be a good question for other professions, the unique lifestyle of a truck driver makes it a worthy one. Each company has a different way of offering home time and vacation, so you should confirm that you understand the details.

2. How Much Do You Pay?

Salary is another important consideration. Trucking companies have different pay models, typically pay-per-mile for long-haul driving. Some companies also offer layover pay, which occurs when a driver is delayed by a shipper or receiver for one or more days. Asking questions about how the company handles raises, bonuses, and paid time off will help you better understand the compensation they offer.

3. What Are the Benefits?

Benefits are closely linked to pay, so you can’t consider one without the other. Insurance can be expensive when you buy it yourself, especially if you support a family. Luckily, many companies offer a combination of medical, dental, vision, and short-term disability coverage. New hires are not always eligible for those perks immediately, however. You will need to confirm the company you are interviewing for offers a benefits package that fulfills your needs. 

4. What Kind of Freight Do You Haul?

You may also have an interest in the operational details of the company. Knowing what type of equipment you will use and what freight you will haul determines whether or not you’ll be comfortable on the road. The equipment’s quality is also an indication of how a company treats its drivers. Additionally, the type of freight impacts how much manual labor you do every day. For example, you will not have to unload the cargo yourself if you haul no-touch freight.

5. What Are the Safety Standards?

Along with being comfortable on the road, safety is another major factor. As a trucker, feeling safe and taken care of on the road will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your work. Successful trucking companies with strong driver retention prioritize safety, so be sure your interviewer clearly outlines the safety standards. 

Choose the Right Truck Driving School

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